Where do I begin… Circle of life just says it all ❤. It is THE place with THE MOST amazing people to guide you and give you the tools to survive in this crazy and topsy turvy world we live in. A place like Circle will make you feel safe and let you find YOU again… no matter how much or how far you have lost yourself…. the team knows how to get you back on track. Circle helped me in so many ways ❤. I lost myself and found comfort at bottom of a glass in dingy Bars with the wrong people, and people that did not care about my well-being! I had lost a long term relationship and did not know who I was and for some reason thought that drinking would help me find who I was, but it only made me lose myself more…. luckily I had some good people in my life that knew I needed help and so began my journey to recovery. Don’t get me wrong… It was HARD and It was UNCOMFORTABLE, but now looking back it was some of the best times of my life and I am grateful to Collette Pestana and her amazing Team at that time who pushed all my good sides to come out and blossom into the person I am today. Don’t ever feel you are alone and don’t EVER be afraid to ask for HELP!!!! Circle is the way to go and Circle is LIFE ❤❤❤❤🤗🤗🤗🤗


It took me a while…stubborn, but willing to find a new way to live, free from the unmanageability that was my life. I came into Circle wanting to stop using drugs, not knowing that I will get so much more out of it than to just stop using. I started letting go of my self will (not easy but worth it) and surrendering to the program of NA. This has been my wildest journey of my life, learning more about myself and what I’m capable of. My Circle family has thought me a better way of life free from the bondage of active addiction, I have learned about the tools required to keep me safe. I have learned that there is a fellowship that will always be there when needed witch gives me the strength to be there when someone else is in need and THAT’S what makes this journey we walk together so very possible. Thank you, Circle for all that you have done for me and so many others before me.

Silly season is a breeze with what you have inspired into my life!


After primary addiction care, I stayed at Circle of Life to give myself the best chance. It was a very scary time for me, and a time where asking for help, and relying on or trusting people was extremely difficult for me. I was accepted with absolute love and care from the start, in a safe, loving space where I could just be myself without judgment. This is not to say I was not held accountable by those around me or the councellors, I had to work hard for my recovery. The result was incredible. I landed my dream job while at Circle, which the team there supported me with, and that I have kept for 10 years going from strength to strength. After I left Circle, I had a wonderful toolkit to help me in life. 

Even at times after I’d left, when addictive behaviors resurfaced (got to keep working it, because they do), I have been able to lean on Collette and people I met in there. 10 years on we are still best friends and I know I have a place of safety and comfort whenever I am in need. There will be tough times, it’s a fact I had to acknowledge and prepare for… it’s how I approach this that makes the difference, and Circle prepared me well to recognize this.

This festive season, I know that I am not alone, nobody truly is, but I know how it feels to think so. It is a tough time for so many people, and I do not need to stay in a dark place if loneliness hits. Asking for help is expected, never judged, and is not weak. There is a lovely soft couch with your name on it if you ever need a place to sit for the day if you are feeling unsafe (not to mention nurse Luke, the loveliest Golden Retriever that you can spoon the hell out of 😁). 


Thank you, Circle for changing my life, and Collette for your everlasting friendship, no matter what. You helped me save my life when I had little hope left.



Circle changed my life !!!

I had my 1st drink at 14 and started using drugs at 16. Right from the start 1 was too many and 1000 never enough. I did my 1st rehab stint at 19 and over the next 30 years was admitted to much more never staying clean longer than a month or 2 after leaving the facilities.

A few years ago I needed a ‘circuit breaker’. I was looking for a bed and environment where I could just dry out and get my addiction ‘under control’

I had heard such amazing reviews about circle so decided to give it a go. From my 1st interview with Collette, I felt such a connection I knew I had found a home. I was treated with such love empathy and understanding that for the first time in my life I was willing to dig deep and start working on my addiction, past trauma, and guilt and shame.

I will be turning 50 this month and the greatest gift is that I will also be celebrating 1 year clean and sober. This by far is the biggest achievement in my life and I have Circle to thank for it.

I have so much love for Collette and Mervyn and all the Circle staff.

Colly you will always be part of my journey and I will forever be grateful to you.🙏


Circle of life recovery center: 

Once more a big thank you to you and your staff for all that you have done for my daughter during her stay. I am sure that if she was anywhere else we would not be in the same space that we are right now. A big thank you from my wife and the rest of the family.

I am not one to talk in a group session but the night that we sat around the Circle bonfire meeting hearing all those who shared I would have liked to be able to share the following. It dawned on me the symbolism of the Circle bonfire and the support that many spoke of. If you tried to burn any one of those logs on their own, 

it is almost impossible, like trying to go it on your own with rehab, it the collective force of the logs that make the fire roar, similarly the support from around the fire gives the individual the strength and belief to forge ahead. The fire also needs someone like yourself and others to occasionally rearrange the logs and add new logs to improve the fire. I hope the fire keeps burning bright and that it helps all those around it.

A grateful parent

Hi Collette,

Thank you for your email and follow-up mail on the clinic. It is greatly appreciated.

My wife and I once more want to thank you and your staff for the effort and the individual concern you have shown for Our daughter and her recovery. We are so grateful that we found you and your setup at Circle of Life. We have heard of so many very costly centers and just a production line to get people through the system irrespective of the individual needs. One size fits all.

We do not have the finance for a repeat process so it is so important to us that she gets the individual attention that she is currently receiving. Thank you for all that you are doing for her and indirectly for us and our family.


Grateful parents

COL – I wanted to express my gratitude to you. The enormity of my 90 days hit me last night. I will be eternally grateful for your insight, patience, and constant love towards me. I feel very blessed to have you part of my recovery journey and know this stay at Circle was divinely inspired. Thank you “Collette “( said in loud Portuguese !!!)


Was part of the program there a few years ago. Still clean and sober. Met some wonderful people. Never underestimate the power of people who don’t want to give up on you and love you despite all your nonsense. Circle is a stepping stone to the rest of your life. Keep your head up and keep going. Strength and love to the team. Thank You!!


Circle of Life – a home away from home.

A loving, warm home with structure, professional staff, healing, and an authentic therapy approach – where recovery is made possible. Thank you Collette and team for your constant ongoing support for both myself and my family members. Circle will always be my number one recovery center to suggest and recommend to others.

Circle of Life – a home away from home.

A loving, warm home with structure, professional staff, healing, and an authentic therapy approach – where recovery is made possible. Thank you Collette and team for your constant ongoing support for both myself and my family members. Circle will always be my number one recovery center to suggest and recommend to others.



It’s no exaggeration to say that the six months I spent at Circle in 2018 saved my life. The level of therapy – both on an individual and group level – is exceptional.

I found great benefit in Circle’s holistic approach to recovery, tackling addiction on a spiritual, psychological, emotional, and practical level with the 12-step program as its foundation. The facility strikes a good balance of providing a warm and loving environment in which to get back on your feet, and the firm boundaries needed for a recovering addict.


I was impressed with how Circle was flexible enough to deal with patients with disorders from addiction, to self-harm, eating disorders, and mood disorders. The focus is on the individual but within a ‘family environment.


Circle equipped me with the tools needed to live a successful, happy life in recovery and I have ongoing support and care whenever I need it.


Sometimes bad things happen to good people and you have no control while on the downward spiral. It is then when you need intervention.

Circle of Life, or as I call them Cirle of Love, provides a nonjudgemental yet firm and structured environment where one can work through not just the addiction and overwhelming feeling of being out of control in a chaotic society, but experience genuine care and compassion while in treatment.

The treatment plan includes excellent support, coping mechanisms and aftercare to assist you going forward.

Circle of Life is a lifeline to those in desperate need and they inevitably become part of your family.

I will forever be grateful to Collette and her team for their intervention in the wellbeing of my family.


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