Meet the Team

Meet the Circle of Life Team

The staff at Home from Home welcomes you to our structured communal environment.



Therapeutic Director / Outpatient Program Director  / Counsellor & Owner / Secondary Care Director

Collette is well known in the industry for her limitless compassion for people and has a reputation for being able to reach even the most toughest of cases. Against all odds she started Circle of Life 13 years ago with a vision of making a difference in the world of just a few people. Through sheer strength of character and impassioned purpose she has come to touch and save the lives of countless people in recovery. Her continued enthusiasm and commitment to each and every single individual is awe inspiring. Even after all these years she still maintains that hands-on, personal touch and connection with everyone she meets.



House Manager / Recovery Coach

Lillian is a proud believer of the anonymous programs, that’s why she has dedicated her life to instilling the neccesary tools , that every addict needs, to prosper and morph into who, and what they are destined to be. Her nature, allows people to find the seeds that have been long forgotten, and provide the skills to water that seed, that eventually grows into a tree of life. Most importantly, Your tree of life. Her passion  has allowed many to not only find love for our program, but find love for themselves. “Facing Everything And Rise” is a term that she not only uses frequently, but a term she models and applies with passion and consistency, and aims to give the same strength, hope and courage to the still suffering.


Romy Morsner

Adaptive counselling integrating with your journey to recovery Romy Morsner: Holistic Councellor

I am a holistic counsellor and have been in the wellness industry since 2016. During this time I have learnt a lot about myself and others. I have grown a great deal myself in this process. I am also an Intuitive Healing Practitioner. In the counselling that I offer I guide my clients to help them find the answers that they need to make the best decisions for themselves. I specialise in relationships, co-dependency, addictions, abuse, trauma and clients who are recovering from or are still stuck in abusive cycles. I focus on the client’s value and their needs as well as how they are to better understand and love themselves. The holistic view of the client is what is most important hence I will consider all aspects of their life from their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness for them to find the happiness they truly deserve.



House Mother

Having worked with us for 13 years, Glady is certainly the center of our circle! Full of life and passion for her job, Gladys is always happiest working hand in hand with our patients.



Manager / Recovery Coach

Mr D is sober from the 12 April 1997. Developed the Xift programs over 20 years refining and practicing with schools, community groups and recovering addicts. The Xift Programs help students to deal with their perception, emotions and relationships. Each aspect of life has it own modules. He resigned from the Education dept in 2002 and consulted for the Education Dept, Adopt a School, and recently Tsogo Sun. He has been a sponsor to many addicts and coached many addicts in handling their emotions using the EmotionXift program. He has practiced his skills at the Circle of Life for more than four years.



Addiction Counsellor/ Addiction Specialist AACC / Outpatient Director

Brian has been working closely with recovering addicts for the last 7 years and is proudly 10 years clean and sober. He has spent many years studying, volunteering and specializing in addiction. His depth of recovery knowledge has facilitated the unique development of our intensive outpatient program, specifically designed to meet our communities needs. His passion for people and recovery is matched only by his dedication and commitment to his craft.



Art Counsellor / Therapist at Circle of Life Recovery Centre

Artist & Owner of Painted Moon

I am an avid reader and enjoy listening to music but my passion in life is art, especially pottery and painting – I adore traditional artists and the Dutch masters. My passion lead to me completing a National Diploma in Fine Art and to work as a commercial ceramic artist.

I left my job in I.T. to pursue a life of creativity. I started Painted Moon to provide a custom illustration service, help clients organize their lives with a series of cute labels and take on commissions and other contract work. I love working from home with all my pets, conjuring up new designs – be it watercolour or oil or acrylic painting, ceramic play, stencils, printing & making – especially on my favourite IPad. In addition, I assist Papermoon with bespoke designs and run the studio alongside Rochelle.

My curiosity about all things creative and my ability to make things drives me to try everything at least once. I particularly enjoy applying my traditional training to create bespoke works for clients across a wide range of media. With machines at our disposal such as a sticker printer, a vinyl cutter, many digital printing machines, a laser cutter, a kiln, and knowledge of fine art we can bring anything to life.

I have also qualified as a trained Art Counsellor and have been teaching Art Therapy at Circle of life recovery centre since 2015, and more recently at a mental health care facility.



Social Worker

I am a social worker doing clinical counselling from the Randburg area. I have been practising since 1993. I work with individuals, couples, families and groups. My focus is on facilitating mental health and self-empowerment. Addiction is my special interest, such as substances, sex and self-harm.

I have worked extensively with dual diagnosed patients in addiction and other clinical diagnoses such as mood and personality disorders. When I work with families of addicts a lot of the focus is on education about the disease of addiction as well as how the family often help to enable the existence of the disease through co-dependency. Strong support is given to the family at an incredibly challenging and difficult time of their life. When working with individuals from any population or problem area, I allow the client to guide me whether it’s going to be long-term or short-term therapy. Long-term therapy focuses largely on how the past informs on present behaviour and coping strategies, as well as looking at the effect that past issues have on present life. This is especially pertinent while working with sex addiction as very often, early childhood traumas are often a source of the later acting out in sexual ways.

A main value running throughout my personal and work life is that of encouraging others to locate and trust their own sense of wisdom. My focus therefore, is in getting the other to start trusting, respecting and listening to themselves once again. I am also very conscious of the therapeutic value of the relationship between therapist and client and respect this at all times.

I understand therapy to be about the client embarking on a journey of self-discovery – for the therapist to emphasise the client’s healthy features as opposed to only concentrating on negative or pathological features. I believe that my non-judgemental stance is vitally important when working with my clients, especially addicts and their shadows.

I strongly encourage the 12-step program when working with addictions.

I run weekly sex addiction process groups looking at the origins of the behaviour and the acting out of the addiction itself. I am especially interested in working with sex addicts and am aware of the lack of understanding around this particular addiction.

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