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About Circle of Life

Circle of life was established in 2008 and is a licensed facility. As one of the most prominent secondary care rehabs in Johannesburg, we constantly strive to improve on our already high standards in providing the most comprehensive, holistic treatment possible. We offer hand-tailored, specialized treatment based on the Minnesota model and are situated in the picturesque north cliff hills of JHB, with our facility providing a safe, secure and serene environment conducive to recovery.

Addiction is a complex disease that needs a multi-faceted treatment approach. One single treatment tool will not help overcome addiction.  At Circle of Life, we take a holistic approach – one that addresses the emotional, physical, and mental factors when treating addiction. We also take a long-term view, teaming a personalized treatment approach with the support needed to achieve long-term recovery.

Located in Northcliff, Johannesburg, Circle of Life has been offering secondary, tertiary, and halfway house services to the community for the past 13 years. We offer a blend of proven traditional therapies and alternate therapies, with a focus on community re-integration. We feature the 12-step recovery program, alongside individual, group, and family therapy and volunteer programs.

Our clinical team of experienced and caring staff, with over 50 years of collective sobriety, is headed by Collette Pestana, herself 13 years clean, who takes a personal interest in each clients’ healing and recovery.

We understand that for some individuals, having no access to work is not possible. To meet the needs of these individuals working long-term to break free from addiction, we allow clients to access work-related technology such as cell phones and computers to remain connected to work

Our Mission

It is the mission of Circle of Life to provide lifelong recovery for clients in a safe, supportive, empathetic and structured environment where individuals can truly recover. We believe in a long-term approach in which, not just the symptoms, but the underlying causes need to be treated to get the best recovery outcome. We walk alongside clients and their families on their journey and provide them with positive and healthy coping skills and the mental, physical and spiritual tools to stop addiction and attain lasting recovery.

Our Team

Our team comprises of some of the best and brightest around and we firmly believe that our formula has proven affective time and time again.

Our Facility

Our facility houses 15 residents in a comfortable upmarket house in Northcliff. With ample parking, a beautiful, tranquil garden and braai area with a large veranda and a beautiful swimming pool the facilities are adequate for both work leisure and relaxation. The house itself contains independent counseling rooms, group rooms, and lecture rooms. As well a large dining room and kitchen with a lounge and study area. There are 6 bedrooms with en suite bathrooms.

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