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Already known and respected in the community, Circle of Life has been giving hope and stability to people who have just left a treatment centre for over 5 years now to residents who need extra support whilst they begin a new life of recovery. Circle of life provides tertiary care for residents and a safe environment to integrate back into society while balancing their recovery and work environment.

We provide individual therapy with a qualified therapist and process groups once a week to deal with emotional issues and understanding the recovery process. Circle of Life believes in coming from a loving place with strict rules and guidelines adhered to so the resident can change behaviour in a gentle but firm way

The staff at Circle of life with Collette Pestana (the owner of the facility) makes sure there is stability and structure in the house at all times. Our staff, Gladys and Laurent assist with House and laundry services as the residents get laundry washed once a week. Process groups facilitated by Mervin Canham who has 8 years’ experience in groups

Circle of life has a house meeting every Monday at 05h30 and compulsory for all residents to attend. After the house meeting we have a process group dealing with emotional issues and recovery wellbeing, then an 'In house' NA meeting.

The 12 step Program is an integral part of the recovery as well a Na/AA meeting required to attend. Individual help with Step work if needed. Circle of life provide a basic breakfast and cooked meal for dinner, Monday to Friday. The weekends the residents have full access to kitchen.

If you need any more information or assistance please speak to Collette Pestana


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